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What do you mean by “artistic project”?

An artistic project is defined as a specific art presentation, creation of new work, produced program, event, or phase of a larger project that is fully executed within a year and made available to the public. This can include—but certainly is not limited to—the public presentation of or public access to painting, design, photography, film, video, sculpture, print, architecture, craft, and publication. Artists may request funding for the full artistic project, or one phase of a larger creative arc, as long as the project scope is appropriately scaled to the request amount and project goals. Musicians and other performers are invited to apply, as long as there is a primary visual element to the project.

Applications should be focused on realizing the materialization of creative and aesthetic ideas, rather than on a merit-based approach.

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What do you mean by “public display”?

The “public display” part refers to sites that are accessible to the public within Cuyahoga County, and which may include conventional art viewing spaces like artist studios (as long as there are open hours posted), sites for public artworks, businesses (cafes or restaurants), and commercial or nonprofit galleries. Unconventional sites may include abandoned storefronts, city infrastructure (bus shelters, streets, open spaces), signage (billboards), building facades or construction fences, with permissions and proper permits granted. Proposed sites must be accessible to all members of the public, including individuals with disabilities.

Most importantly, please consider locations beyond SPACES as the purpose of The Satellite Fund is to get art into all corners of Cuyahoga County!

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How do you define a collective?

We understand that artist collectives can take on several different shapes and sizes, so we encourage all sorts of collectives and collaboratives to apply. Our only stipulation is that at least half of the members involved work and live in Cuyahoga County and that the proposed project debuts publicly in Cuyahoga County.

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Are applicants required to have a confirmed display site or exhibition venue?

No, a confirmed venue is not a requirement in the application process, but applicants should indicate the context for the display of the work. For example, let’s say an artist would like to create a bold text-based artwork to be displayed on a billboard. If the message is intended to reach a specific community, a successful proposal would include a map of potential billboards to rent in a neighborhood where those community members reside, as well as research into the cost of renting those billboards. If an artist needs a white cube gallery space, they should provide a list of potential exhibition sites.

As with most grant opportunities, the more information the artist provides, the easier it is for the review panel to envision how the project will materialize, if it satisfies the selection criteria, and if the project is feasible.

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Got more questions?

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